Château de Valmer - Wines & gardens Certificate of Excellence 2024

World Topiary Art Day 2024

EBTS World Topiary Art Days

Where do World Topiary Art Days come from?

It comes straight from England with the Levens Hall garden. A garden renowned for its hundred topiaries, it's an exceptional site worth a visit!

For Chris Crowder - its head gardener:

"It was primarily about finding a way to showcase the famous topiaries at a time of year when they are at their finest, their sharpest, 'where typically we get the most press coverage in September when the clipping starts, when the topiaries are at their worst, and advertising is less useful as it’s the end of the garden visiting season.'"

"The gardens of Levens Hall, created in 1694 by Guillaume Beaumont, a French garden designer trained by André le Nôtre, it was natural for EBTS France to partner with Levens Hall."

Source : EBTS

Come and discover our topiaries during this special weekend. Exceptionally, Alix de Saint Venant, owner and botanist, will lead a guided tour of the gardens to present her work at the heart of the five hectares of gardens labeled as 'Remarkable Garden'.


Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th:

  • 4:00 PM: Guided Tour by Alix de Saint Venant
  • All weekend: Self-guided tours of the 5 hectares of gardens labeled 'Remarkable Garden' and wine tasting from the Château
  • Garden Game - An outdoor escape game suitable for ages 7 and up to discover the estate in a different way.


Practical Information:


  • €12 per person
  • €10 per person for students, individuals with disabilities, and large families
  • Free entry for children under 10 years old.