Château de Valmer - Wines & gardens Certificate of Excellence 2018

The gardens

Between nature and culture, the splendours of the past are still within the walls of the Italian Renaissance terraces: the elegant balustrades, the Florentine fountains, the troglodytic chapel, the statuary, the topiaries, the architecture worked but never ostentatious form a rare ensemble.

Seven levels, spread over five hectares and more than twenty meters of unevenness, offer balconies opening on the landscape of the valley.

The vegetable garden, where grapes, clematis, valerians, santolines, roses, lavenders, unusual cucurbits, dahlias, sage and a thousand other varieties of vegetables and flowers mix, presents a fertile and joyful polyphony.

The harmony which emerges is a testimony of the past but also, today, the fruit of the daily work and the wise eye of the gardeners.

A park of 60 hectares with trees 400 years old is leaned against it in order to prolong the spirit of strolling and elegance of the domain.

Valmer vegetable garden © Léonard de Serres
Vegetables from the garden © Léonard de Serres