Château de Valmer - Wines & gardens Certificate of Excellence 2018

History of the estate

Established on a rocky spur overlooking the Brenne valley on limestone slopes, the 300 hectares estate brilliantly combines a renowned vineyard, Renaissance terraced gardens, cultivated land and woods with bicentenary trees.

According to tradition, the Château de Valmer belonged to Charles VII. The terraces, moats and troglodytic chapel were built at the beginning of the 16th century.

The present buildings - the portal, the outbuildings, the Petit Valmer - date from 1640 and are the work of Sieur Thomas Bonneau, King Louis XIII’s adviser.

The same family has maintained, supported and passed on this exceptional place for over 120 years.

Portal of the Château de Valmer © MG de Saint-Venant
Le Petit Valmer from the vegetable garden © MG de Saint-Venant